Why Give


At People of destiny your tithes, offerings and other financial gifts make a BIG difference. Please prayerfully consider how God is leading you to give today.


Tithing and Financial Stewardship

The Bible teaches that you are more blessed when you give than when you receive (Acts 20: 35), and that you should give faithfully and joyfully. In the Bible, God’s base standard for giving is “the tithe” which means a tenth. Although everything we own belongs to God, as faithful stewards, ten percent must be given back to God.

When we give the first 10 percent of our income to the church, we put God first in our lives. Deuteronomy 14: 23 (TLB) says, “The purpose of tithing is to teach you always to put God first in your lives.”

Tithing is an expression of dependence upon God, gratitude towards God, and deep love for others.


People of Destiny is a member supported church. Our church is funded by God through the tithes and offerings of the members and those who attend.

Consider: As a result of your consistent and generous giving, we are able to carry out the mission of Christ:

* Provide weekly worship services to share God’s love with others in our community and help you deepen your walk with God.

* Lay a solid Biblical foundation for children.

* Meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor in our community.

* Reaching out to others with the message of Christ through servant evangelism and other projects.

At People of Destiny we value generosity and practice accountability and financial integrity.

Ways to Give

At People of Destiny there are many ways to give. Each way accomplishes the same goal – you get to honor God as you give faithfully and His work gets done as a result.

Give at the Worship Service

You can give cash, checks, or by debit/credit card at any People of Destiny service. Just use the offering envelope provided.

Give Online
Click here to give online.

Mail Your Tithes and Offerings

You can use your own envelope or People of Destiny postage pre-paid envelope to mail your tithes and offerings to People of Destiny’s office:

People of Destiny

4506 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203