Every follower of Jesus must make connection between faith in Christ and commitment to His church. One cannot exist without the other, as demonstrated in Acts, where no one was counted as a follower of Jesus until he or she was baptized and received into the community of God’s people.

Some Simple Truths About Baptism

* Baptism openly identifies you as a follower of Christ. Matthew 28: 19

* Baptism openly obeys the command of Christ

* Baptism openly expresses your faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

* You Have Been united with Christ in His Death and Resurrection.

* Through Christ, God Has Given You a New Life


Practical Principles Regarding Baptism

* Baptism is not a saving ritual.

* Baptism can strengthen your assurance of salvation.

*The longer you delay your baptism, the more uncertain you become of your relationship with Christ.

* Baptism is for you if you know Christ.

*At People of Destiny, we have baptisms each month. Every baptism service is filled with excitement and is a time of great celebration. If you would like to get baptized or need more information, fill out the form below or contact the office at 718 462 3263/ 718 462 8389.